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Cynthia Weinman, Ph.D.


Cynthia Weinman

Cynthia Weinman brings over 25 years of wide-ranging market research experience and skills to WSM. She oversees the work of senior staff on both qualitative and quantitative research projects. Her specialty is intensive involvement with clients' business including consulting and advising at senior management levels. Cynthia's Ph.D. concentration was in social/personality psychology, and she has special expertise in aging consumers.

Before starting Weinman Schnee Morais, Cynthia spent 12 years as Executive Vice President at Oxtoby-Smith. Prior to that, she worked as a Research Associate for The National Science Foundation, National Institute of Mental Health, CUNY Center for Gerontological Studies, New York University Medical Center, and the State Energy Office and Welfare Research Institute. Among her many publications and addresses are "It's not Art, but Marketing Research can be Creative" and "Psychological Age and Its Importance in Communications with Older Consumers," which was presented at The National Council on Aging.